I have always been interested in writing. I would use the back of my copybooks to write stories during Reading class. I even drew the characters with a short description. Thankfully, I no longer draw the characters. My writing skills have improved - but my drawing skills have not. My interest in writing continued into High School. I wrote an article and created Bible Cryptograms for the Holy Cow insert in the Catholic Standard and Times. After high school I was torn between writing and turning my stories into scripts. Soon after that, I became interested in turning my scripts into movies. I wanted to see my stories come to life. I attended Art Institute of Philadelphia and graduated with my Associates Degree in Video Production in June 2000.

In 2003 I started my own production company - Partners in Krime Productions.The company got its name because I tried to convince my friends to act in some of my movies and help out if they could; thus, making them my "partners in crime". Some were busy with other things, and others just weren't interested. I still decided to go ahead with the company anyway. I had originally planned to call the company Kat Productions. A black cat would have walked half-way across the screen, stopped, looked at the audience and meowed, then walked off screen. Obviously, I didn't go there. So Partners in Crime it was! I wanted something original. I changed the "C" in Crime to a "K" but I wasn't satisfied. Then I had the idea for the backwards "K".

In April 2005 I decided to go back to school to get my Bachelors Degree, starting as a Visual Effects and Motion Graphics major. With only three semesters until graduation I did the unthinkable - I switched majors! Writing and making movies is my true passion so I became a Digital Filmmaking and Video Production major.


Partners in Krime Productions has been making films since 2003. Our first film, I Never Meant to Hurt You, (pictured above left) was shot in 2003 and edited in 2004. It premiered in Toronto, Ontario in 2007. Partners in Krime Productions then took part in the 48 Hour Film Festival in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 2005 by making the film Plan Something from Somewhere (pictured second from left). Our next film, Framework (pictured third from left) was shot in 2006 and edited in 2007. It premiered in Chicago, Illinois in 2007. Our third film, Trinity (pictured right) was shot and edited in 2008. It premiered in Cleveland, Ohio in 2008.

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